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Personal training is a service

With qualified, experienced and knowlegable trainers, your personal training regime is tailored to suit your individual fitness needs, abilities and ambitions.

The personal training service offers you:

  • Individually tailored fitness sessions
  • Supervision at each session by your fitness instructor
  • A correct work pace to suit your fitness level
  • A fitness plan created for you by your fitness instructor


Your Personal Training Regime

Where a normal gym fitness program is created by an instructor then reviewed 6-8 weeks later, the personal training regime offered at The Barracuda Leisure Club is split into individual sessions. At each of these hour long sessions you will work out with assigned fitness instructor who will ensure you receive the upmost benefit from your session.

The main benefit of personal training is that you work at a tempo that will push your own individual fitness level whilst under qualified supervision. You do not need to worry about sticking to a fitness plan yourself, all the planning is done for you by your fitness instructor who will continue your personal training the next time you visit.

Option Two
50.003 Sessions
Option Three
£80.005 Sessions
Option One
£20.00One Session